We believe in the global connection that all gamers share

Who We Are

The common thread that unites all of us is a love for gaming.

Whether that’s Final Fantasy, Kerbal Space Program, Civilization (5 preferably), Apex, PUBG, or Solitaire. You can find our team members on Realm’s LinkedIn to learn more about us on a business level, or on our Discord channel if you’d like to talk directly to us.

What’s important is that we all share a passion for gaming and a true love for what it has to offer. From life long friendships across the globe, to enjoying a Saturday afternoon with local friends, gaming is something that truly unites all of us.

Realms Promise to every Gamer

Freedom of Expression

We will stand guard to ensure that you have the right to freedom of expression on our platform. If you don’t like what somebody has to say, you will be able to mute them. We will not be removing creators from our platform simply due to differences in opinions or beliefs. We celebrate the differences between all people and know that a united gaming community is a future we can all strive for

No advertising without your consent

We will not have ads the same way you have imagined them on our platform. Want to make some extra cash? We’ll give you the ability to view ads as a way to do this. Any ad that will ever be hosted on our platform will require your consent. We will not just shove advertisements down your throat from any brand willing to pay. You have our word.

Your Privacy is our priority

You own your data. We will not sell it. We will not leverage it to our own personal advantage. You are in full control of your own data and what is done with it.

Our Team

Eric Faust
Chief executive officer

Eric has one successful exit in the entertainment space and has worked in high technology for his entire career.

Ed Ord
chief technical officer

Ed has helped government scale large-scale applications his entire career. His expertise is in systems architecture.

laura wilson
Chief operating officer

Laura has worked in connected systems for most of her career, with her focus being on operationally efficient systems.

dustin nanos
VP of Business development

Dustin is the resident relationship builder at Realm. He’s the people person who manages Business Development at Realm.

eric macdougall
vp of engineering

Eric is a full-stack engineer who has successfully built and scaled large-ERP systems.

jesse connors
software developer

Jesse brings an extensive gaming background together with expertise in coding and technology solutions.

Our vision of tomorrow

We believe in a world where all gamers will be able to play the games they love, create unique types of content, and get compensated simply for exploring and engaging in the games they love to play.